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Information Governance

The Information Governance program provides a forum for University leaders to collaboratively develop definitions and rules to help answer statistical questions about Notre Dame—both present and past. How many students does Notre Dame have? How many students are enrolled in each of the colleges? How many graduate students attend Notre Dame?

Throughout the year, the information governance team has developed 189 terms which enabled team based business intelligence projects in the areas of student enrollment, course registration, and staff information. The terms were designed for staff information and faculty headcount, and provided the foundation for the launch of the University’s first enterprise-wide business intelligence project, slated to complete within the next fiscal year. New data classifications (sensitive, internal, or public) created by the team provided the foundation for security and data access control for current and future business intelligence activities.

Based on feedback from conferences such as EDUCAUSE and the Higher Education Data Warehouse Forum, Notre Dame is viewed as a leader in data governance