University Operations & Campus Life

Digital Document Management

In an effort to increase departmental efficiency, maintain privacy and support our sustainability efforts, Notre Dame’s Digital Document Management System (DDMS) allows people the ability to store data electronically rather than on paper. This year, the DDMS team focused much of their effort in the First Year of Studies and in the President’s Office.

The First Year of Studies advising solution helped to improve advising via consistent and complete view of student information, real-time accurate data, and dean-level visibility for trending and special case students. The new solution enhanced the security of student files and also allowed the team to develop process improvements that were enabled by online forms and approvals that increased transparency among different teams and easy status reporting.

The President’s Office manages a variety of correspondence that must be organized and recorded for archival needs. The DDMS team worked with the President’s Office to design a correspondence solution that allows them to associate all correspondence with contacts and interactions. The team now can more easily make sure that they “close the loop” on all correspondence, and they have enhanced visibility into issues and associated correspondence.