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Business Intelligence Update

The Business Intelligence (BI) team assists customers in the collection and transformation of data into meaningful information for use in University decision making. Its purpose is to define and implement strategies, standards, best practices, and tools to support strategic University business intelligence objectives.

The BI program is formally called the “Data Driven Decision Making” program. Some examples of these efforts include:

 “The BI talent review application allows leaders to have ready access to key talent data so they can proactively plan for changes in their workforce. It also provides important trend data that they can use for reporting purposes.” 
—Tammy Freeman, Office of Human Resources

“The student data warehousing project has provided us with new ways to look at our data, as well as provide us with the opportunity to view and analyze data trends we have long suspected and can now confirm or deny.”
—Jennie Bracket, Office of the Registrar

“The ability to bring together data from multiple sources and create reports that can then be shared across campus via an easy to use portal that utilizes role-based security.”
—Joe Lyphout, Office of the Provost

Additionally, analytic efforts for campus space data paved the way for a campuswide black belt process improvement project.