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Research Awards For Infrastructure Upgrades

The need for an expanded infrastructure continues to grow in order to support the research initiatives on campus. As a result, a project began in January 2014 to help expand this important area, and includes:

  • Network upgrades to the research data center core switch
  • 40Gb connectivity between the College of Science and College of Engineering.
  • Partial upgrade of social science facility networks via three network end point packages

This summer, the research data center core switch became operational, and some portions of the CRC infrastructure were moved from the old core switch to the new one. In fact, some of the equipment in Physics was already moved, and faculty members are seeing positive results from the increased bandwidth and core connectivity.

The fiber plant upgrade for Nieuwland Science Hall and Stepan Chemistry Hall was completed. The upgrade included establishing:

  • A fiber link between the Stepan Chemistry Machine Room and the Stinson-Remick Main Distribution Frame for the 40Gb link among the college buildings.
  • 10Gb links from the new ESCNet core switches (Nexus) to the campus network, and to Internet2 and the commodity internet.

System engineers also began testing the configuration to locate the edge switches to serve the High Energy Physics group in Nieuwland Hall and the Westerink Research Group in Cushing Hall.

In 2014, Notre Dame announced a new large scale, multiyear facility construction project for multiple social science departments. At the same time, the Notre Dame 10Gb external network connectivity was saturated for the first time based primarily (~8Gb) on transmission of scientific data for physics research.

As a result, the Principal Investigators will contact the program manager to determine if the funds originally designated for switch gear in two social science buildings can be used to improve the campus external WAN bandwidth.