Research & Scholarship

Fiber Infrastructure at Land O'Lakes

Notre Dame’s College of Science runs the Environmental Research Center in northern Wisconsin also known as UNDERC, or more commonly, as Land O’Lakes. This area encompasses 7,000 acres of wilderness along the border of Wisconsin and Michigan’s Upper Peninsula and serves as the home of an undergraduate research program and year-round grant studies.

In 2014, the OIT partnered with the College of Science to upgrade the infrastructure at Land O’Lakes. The upgrade has improved connectivity performance between buildings and to the Internet. UNDERC now has the ability to move to VoIP telephone service. The infrastructure made a positive impact on research capabilities. 

Researchers are now able to teleconference with collaborators, as well as to:

  • Submit grants to the National Science Foundation via FastLane
  • Download full-text journal articles from their home libraries
  • Save or download their data on the Web in real-time