Letter from Chief Information and Digital Officer

Ron Kraemer

Ron Kraemer

Today, virtually every aspect of teaching, learning, research, scholarship, university operations and campus life incorporates information technology service to some degree. At the University of Notre Dame, the Office of Information Technologies strives every day to help our faculty, students and staff apply technology in meaningful and innovative ways. I hope this report helps highlight how we work with our campus partners to make a positive difference.

During this past year we have implemented new learning technologies to give faculty more options in delivering their courses, creating learning materials and working with students.

We have engaged students in using mobile technologies to improve campus life and partnered with student government to help our students connect with technology companies that are potential employers. 

Our sites in Rome and London are now equipped with the same technologies used on the Notre Dame campus, easing the transition for faculty and students who teach and study abroad.

To support research, we have extended network capabilities, computing power and storage, helping faculty conduct research that will change the world.

Partnering with groups across campus, the OIT recorded and preserved dozens of faith-based events this year as we streamed Basilica masses, recorded campus faith-based programs and webcast events such as opening mass and commencement ceremonies.

As new buildings and facilities are brought on-line, we work to ensure that wireless services, audio-visual technologies, telephony and networking operate flawlessly.

Through OIT partnerships across campus, we have worked to deliver better analytical capabilities to support decision-making, engineered new digital workflow capabilities and improved financial systems for budgeting and management.

As we move forward, we continuously seek new opportunities to be more effective and efficient through cloud-based capabilities and innovative technologies. All of us in the OIT feel blessed to be part of Notre Dame and we look forward to serving you in the coming years.

#25 in large organizations in IDG’s Computerworld Best Places to Work in IT 2014