Campus IT Services

Gone Google

Faculty and staff joined the students in Gmail and Google Calendar this summer after nearly a year of work to determine campus needs for email and calendaring services. The primary needs included a mobile friendly environment, the ability to have all features available for people using Windows, Mac and Linux, larger email quotas, and a common calendaring system for all faculty, staff, and students. The assessment team carefully evaluated the services available and recommended Google Apps for Education in January 2014.

During the spring, the team migrated all email messages, calendar information, and contacts for nearly 15,000 accounts. An early adopter group made the switch on May 21, and the rest of the faculty and staff started using Google on June 17. The implementation of the new service included over 80 training sessions and a multitude of information sessions. Now that everyone has transitioned, the team will focus on helping each person get the most out of Gmail and Google Calendar, as well as providing additional training on the other services included in the Google Apps for Education suite.